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Can I still get Educlips Points if I am not a member?

Yes. You don’t have to be a member to get points. They are available to all customers.

During sales events, do I get points based on the regular price or the sales price?

If you are a member, you get points based on the regular price. Non-members get points based on the sales price. For example, if a regular priced product is $6 and the sales price is $4, members will get 6 points (you get 1 point per $1) and non-members will get 4 points. This does not apply to Early Bird new product sales.

Can I save up my points and spend them when I like?

Yes, when you have over 20 points, you will be asked during checkout, if you would like to put them towards your total. You just check the box if you want to or leave it blank if you want to save them up. It’s your choice.

If I purchase a Membership plan, can I get points on the purchase price?