Variety Clip Art Mega Bundle 2 (Color and B&W)

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This is a collection of 12 different sets of clipart.
This set is valued at over $60. When you purchase this collection, you are receiving a large discount.

The sets in this collection are:
Police Equipment, Police at Work, Clock Guys, Dental Health, Star Pals, Cows At School (Black Patches), Pairs, Derby, Saddle Up, Make A Milkshake, Alphabet Friends Brights, Go Bananas.

The images in each set are:
Police Equipment
helicopter, motorcycle, car, boat, crime tape, station, handcuffs, flashlight, hat, baton, badge, loudspeaker, jail door, radio, pepper spray, gun.
26 images (13 in color and the same 13 in B&W)

Police at Work
police officers, police chiefs, k9, narcotics detective, traffic officer, writing in police academy, helping old person (community police), rescued child (special victims), assessing traffic accident.
26 images (13 in color and the same 13 in B&W)

Clock Guys
clocks with faces in a variety of positions.
24 images (12 in color and the same 12 in B&W)

Dental Health
dental items with faces: mouthwash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toothpicks, mouth, apple, candy, teeth.
25 images (13 in color and 12 in B&W)

Star Pals
Stars with different features and with props such as books and pencil.
26 images (13 in color and the same 13 in B&W)

Cows At School (Black Patches)
cows in a variety of positions and with book, bookbag, at desk and with pencil.
20 images (10 in color and the same 10 in B&W)

Traditional, well known pairs of items: apple and pear, strawberry and cream, coffee and donut, egg and bacon, peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, cookie and milk, salt and pepper, pasta and meatball, honey and lemon, pancakes and syrup, ham and pineapple.
26 images (13 in color and the same 13 in B&W)

horses, jockeys, well dressed spectators, starting gates, race building, track, rosette, rose, derby wreath
48 images (27 in color and 21 in B&W)

Saddle Up
Cowboys and cowgirls, cowboy boot, hat, chaps, lasso, knife, horseshoe, cattle dog, rock, cactus, cow, horses, prairie background, girls and boys on horseback.
44 images (23 in color and 21 in B&W)

Make A Milkshake
children in various stages of making a milkshake plus ingredients needed to make them: strawberries, banana, milk, chocolate sauce, chocolate piece, ice cream, straws, glasses of milkshake.
48 images (27 in color and 21 in B&W)

Alphabet Friends Brights
Upper case, colorful letter characters.
54 images (26 in color and the same 26 in B&W)

Go Bananas
kids making enjoying bananas: making banana sandwich, banana milkshake, eating banana, slipping on banana, banana guy banana peel, banana bunch, leaf and plain banana.
28 images (14 in color and the same 14 in B&W)

TOTAL of 395 images
This set contains all of the images shown.

Images saved at 300dpi in PNG files.
For personal or commercial use.

This is a zip file. Before purchasing, please check that you are able to open zip files and ensure that your zip opening software is updated.
Please ensure that you scroll all the way to the bottom of the folder to retrieve all available files.

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