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Beach Pals Clip Art Mega Bundle

$47.00 $30.00

This is a collection of 10 sets of summer clipart. The sets in this collection are:
Summer trailers
Summer Pineapple Pals
Cacti Pals
Shell Pals
Summer Gnomes
Summer Pals
Camera Pals
Coconut Pals

The images in each collection are:
This is a selection of tents in different styles, colors and patterns. The set also includes kids erecting tents and inside a tent, trees, green field background, buntings and WC
39 images (23 in color and 16 in B&W)

Summer Trailers
This is a collection of brightly colored trailers (caravans), signposts, camp chairs and matching parasols (sun umbrellas). The set also includes colorful buntings and trees.
38 images (24 in color and 14 in B&W)

Summer Pineapple Pals
This is a collection of summer themed pineapple characters wearing shades of different styles and colors The set includes a pineapple wearing lei and grass skirt, pineapple themed sunshine, slice, pineapple drink, smoothie and flowers.
33 images (19 in color and 14 in B&W)

Cacti Pals
This is a selection of cacti characters in pots in various poses: with a mini cactus, sleeping, with poster board, reading a book, wearing shades, wearing sombrero, taking a picture. The set also includes cactus flowers.
38 images (22 in color and 16 in B&W)

Shell Pals
A collection of shells in different shapes and colors. The set also includes shell characters in various poses (swimming, surfing, wearing shades, holding posterboard, drinking, sitting on towel), beach scene, pile of sand.
36 images (21 in color and 15 in B&W)

Summer Gnomes
A selection of gnomes in summer colors and doing a variety of summer activities: playing with beach ball, eating ice cream, holding sunscreen, waving, eating popsicle, eating watermelon, surfing, relaxing on sun bed, swimming, sitting on towel. The set also includes toadstools and flowers in an array of bright summer colors.
35 images (21 in color and 14 in B&W)

Summer Pals
This is a collection of summer images: backpack, binoculars, boat, bucket, camera, coconut drink, flip flops, map, palm tree, plane, roller bag, shades, spade, suitcase, sun, towel.
32 images (16 in color and 16 in B&W)

This is a selection of lighthouses in different colors. The collection also includes anchor, buntings (in the same lighthouse colors), lifesavers, lighthouse rocky base, ocean backgrounds, waves.
32 images (21 in color and 11 in B&W)

Camera Pals
This is a set of camera characters. They are pictured listening to an ipod,standing, holding bucket and spade, wearing shades, lying on towel, holding a map, on a floaty in the water, building a sandcastle. The set also includes beach background, photo frames in pastel colors (add your own text or images), a photo bunting (add your own text or images), photo props and ‘say cheese’ word art sign.
36 images (20 in color and 16 in B&W)

Coconut Pals
This coconut themed set includes beach background scene, a whole coconut shell, half coconuts, palm tree and coconut characters surfing, holding poster board, floating in water, wearing hula skirt and lei, tumbling, wearing shades, wearing flower on head, eating watermelon, sitting on towel, standing smiling.
30 images (15 in color and the same 15 in B&W)

TOTAL od 349 images

This set contains all of the images shown.

Images saved at 300dpi in PNG files.
For personal or commercial use.

This is a zip file. Before purchasing, please check that you are able to open zip files and ensure that your zip opening software is updated.
Please ensure that you scroll all the way to the bottom of the folder to retrieve all available files.

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