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Bible Stories 1 Clip Art Mega Bundle Clip Art Bundle (Color and B&W)


This is a collection of 9 bible stories. The stories in this set are:
David & King Saul, Elijah & the prophets of Baal, Elisha The Prophet, Fisher Of Men, God’s story – Gideon, Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand, Jesus Turns Water Into Wine, Job: God Gives & Takes Away, Joshua & The Battle of Jericho.
The images in each set are:

David & King Saul
crown, harp, Jonathon, King, King looking angry, king sitting on throne, David playing harp.
14 images (7 in color and the same 7 in B&W)

Elijah & the prophets of Baal
alter with sticks, alter with fire, bull head, Elijah, false god Baal, pouring water, men stamping, men worshipping
18 images (9 in color and the same 9 in B&W)

Elisha The Prophet
Elisha, Elisha pointing to river, Naaman, Naaman traveling, Naaman bathing, Naaman cured, servant girl, river.
16 images (8 in color and the same 8 in B&W)

Fisher Of Men
Andrew, Father, James, Jesus, John, Simon, fishing boat, lake background, men in boat, pile of fish, Simon, net (in B&W only)
21 images (10 in color and 11 in B&W

God’s story – Gideon
angel. camp, camp on fire, men drinking from stream, Gideon, soldiers, torch, trumpet, trumpet player, water pot
22 images (11 in color and the same 11 in B&W)

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand
5 bread and 2 fish in basket, lots of fish and bread in basket, disciples, feeding people, Jesus, Jesus breaking bread, people eating
**the speech bubble is in B&W only
17 images (9 in color and the same 8 in B&W)

Jesus Turns Water Into Wine
bride, bride and groom, people celebrating, Jesus, servant pouring wine, servant filling jars, wedding disciples
14 images (7 in color and the same 7 in B&W)

Job: God Gives & Takes Away
camels, god, God on throne, Job, Job in sack cloth, Job’s friends, Job’s angry wife, Job with sores, Satan, thieves, tornado, tornado over house
24 images (12 in color and the same 12 in B&W)

Joshua & The Battle of Jericho
covenant, crowd shouting, Jericho city, Jericho falling, Joshua, soldiers marching, Ten Commandments, trumpet player
16 images (8 in color and the same 8 in B&W)

TOTAL of 161 images

This set contains all of the images shown.

Images saved at 300dpi in PNG files.
For personal or commercial use.
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