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Bible Stories 3 Mega Bundle

$42.95 $36.00

This is a collection of 9 sets of bible story clipart.
The sets and images in this collection are

Abraham and Sarah
word art sign, Abraham, daytime scene, starry night scene, God in different poses and pointing at a star, Sarah sad, Sarah dreaming of having a baby, Sarah with baby, strangers, tent, food on blanket for strangers.
28 images (14 in color and the same 14 in B&W)

Daniel and the Lions
angels (in different skin colors), word art sign, Daniel falling, Daniel’s head, Daniel praying, Daniel sitting, Daniel, King, lions (male and females sitting and standing), angry soldier/guard, lions’ den
33 images (17 in color and 16 in B&W)

David and Goliath
bag of stones, word art sign, David as a shepherd with the sheep), David’s face, David using slingshot, David, Goliath hit with a stone, Goliath, sheep, stone in slingshot, stone, slingshot
28 images (14 in color and the same 14 in B&W)

decree, word art, Esther worried, Esther, feast, Hamon, Hamon angry, King, King on throne, Mordacai, Mordacai worried, palace
24 images (12 in color and the same 12 in B&W)

Jacob and Esau
Esau, Esau in animal fur, Esau holding bowl of stew, father Isaac, goat, Isaac blind, Isaac sick in bed, Jacob and Esau as babies, word art, Jacob giving away birthright, Jacob, Rebecca, bowl of stew
26 images (13 in color and the same 13 in B&W)

Joseph and his Brothers
brothers, coins, colorful coat with blood, colorful coat, father Jacob, grapes, Joseph dreaming, Joseph in jail, Joseph wearing colorful coat, word art, Joseph, Joseph’s brothers, pharaoh, pharaoh’s cup, Potiphar, Potiphar’s wife, Reuben, Reuben pushing Joseph into hole
40 images (20 in color and the same 20 in B&W)

The Ten Plagues
burning bush, Moses as a young boy, Moses as older man, Moses angry, Pharaoh, Pharaoh angry, pyramids, word art, city scene
The plagues included are:
water turns to blood
death of first born child
40 images (20 in color and the same 20 in B&W)

The Birth of Moses
Pharaoh, baby Moses in basket, baby Moses, Miriam by the water, Moses’s mother sad, mother holding Moses, word art, Pharaoh angry, princess finding Moses in the water, princess, pyramid, soldier, soldier reading proclamation
26 images (13 in color and the same 13 in B&W)

TOTAL of 271 images

This set contains all of the images shown.
Images saved at 300dpi in PNG files.
For personal or commercial use.

This is a zip file. Before purchasing, please check that you are able to open zip files and ensure that your zip opening software is updated.
Please ensure that you scroll all the way to the bottom of the folder to retrieve all available files.

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