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Care For The Earth Clip Art Big Bundle (Color and B&W)

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This is a collection of 4 sets of clipart connected with caring for the earth.
The sets in this collection are:
Earth Day Monsters
Plant A Tree
Renewable energy
Save The Bees

The images in each set are:
Earth Day Monsters
A set of environmentally aware monsters.
It includes monsters holding globe, poster, planting seeds holding flowers, enjoying seeing bees and butterflies, holding leaf, putting can in recycling bin, holding flowerpot, holding young tree, hugging a tree, globe monster.
24 images (12 in color and the same 12 in B&W)

Plant A Tree
This set shows the various stages of planting and caring for a tree. Images included are: child with seed, digging a hole, planting a seed, watering the seed, child with sapling, with young tree, leaf, sapling, seed, packet of seeds, spade, tree, watering can, young tree.
*There is a boy and girl versions of each stage of development.
40 images (20 in color and the same 20 in B&W)

Renewable energy
A set of images showing forms of renewable energy. Images included are cow and pig, toilet (sewage), tree (all representing biomass), geothermal power, solar energy (panel and sunshine), tidal power, wave power, wind power turbine. Also included are word art signs in black only. These signs can be found in the color folder only.
26 images (17 in color and 9 in B&W)

Save The Bees
A set of images that show ways to help protect the bees:
Images included are: bees, child putting out basin of water for bees, beehive box, beehive house, beekeeper kids, kids with ‘buy organic’ bags, examples of bee friendly flowers and weeds (clematis, daisies, dandelion, delphinium, poppy, sunflower, thyme) kids with hive drawer, hive, organic honey jar, weedkiller with separate red cross (to show no use of weedkiller), save the bees word art sign.
48 images (28 in color and the same 28 in B&W)

TOTAL of 138 images

This set contains all of the images shown.

Images saved at 300dpi in PNG files.
For personal or commercial use.

This is a zip file. Before purchasing, please check that you are able to open zip files and ensure that your zip opening software is updated.
Please ensure that you scroll all the way to the bottom of the folder to retrieve all available files.

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