Life Events Clip Art Bundle



This is a collection of 6 sets of clipart.

The sets in this collection are:

New Baby, First Communion, College, Wedding, Old Age, Bereavement

The images in each set are:

New Baby

Babies in 3 different skin colors, bunting, cake, cupcake, gift, milk bottle, onesies, rattle, storks, washing line. Images come in pink, blue and lemon as well as black & white.

88 images (16 B&W, 24 in blue, 24 in pink, 24 in lemon)

First Communion

bible, kids praying, in first communion clothing, kneeling and praying, bread, candle, chalice, church, cross, dove, grapes, priest with communion, rosary, sacrament, wheat, church window

56 images (28 in color and the same 28 in B&W)


alarm clock, bookbag, pile of books with coffee, box of supplies, kids on cell phones, college kids wearing bookbags, college building, computer, desk, flags, glasses, graduates, scroll, suitcase, trunk

49 images (25 in color and 24 in B&W)


balloon, bouquet, brides and grooms together, brides & brides together, grooms & grooms together, (all in different skin colors and color combinations), wedding cake, camera, wedding limo, champagne bottle, church, dove, wedding dresses, envelope, flower motif, gift, glasses, groom hat, heart, hearts motif, key, word art signs (black only), wedding bands/rings, shoes, morning suit

78 images (48 in color and 30 in B&W)

Old Age

men playing chess, nursing home nurses, nursing home, old people in wheelchairs, old people with walking sticks, old people in bed, pill bottle, reading glasses, rocking chair, ladies having tea, walking sticks, zimmer frame

34 images (17 in color and the same 17 in B&W)


angel wings, bird of peace, children in various positions feeling tearful, people being comforted by a friend or parent, candle, lily, stairways to heaven, ribbon

40 images (20 in color and 20 in B&W)

TOTAL of 345 images

These sets contain all of the images shown.

Images saved at 300dpi in PNG files.

For personal or commercial use.

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Please ensure that you scroll all the way to the bottom of the folder to retrieve all available files.

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