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US Government Clip Art Mega Bundle (Color and B&W)


This is a collection of 9 sets of US/government clipart. The sets in this collection are:
American flag, Bill of Rights, The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Founding Fathers, Pledge of Allegiance, Supreme Court, US Congress, Statue Of Liberty.

*There are 9 parts to this download. Please ensure you download all parts so that all the available clipart can be acquired.

The images in each set are:

1776 flag, 1818 flag, astronaut with flag on moon, Betsy Ross, British flag, colonial flag, first common flag, flag taken down in bad weather, flag on flagpole, flagpole. Francis Hopkinson (designing flag), baseball player (with hat off), Mary Pickersgill, soldier on battlefield, boy and girl with hand on heart, soldiers with flag, US flag (today).
36 images (18 in color and the same 18 in B&W)

cross, star/crescent/star of David, religious children (freedom of religion), man with gun (right to bear arms), no entry to house sign (right to refuse soldiers quarters), Police officer searching man (no unreasonable stop and search), locked door (no unreasonable search of property), man behind bars (no punishment without fair & due process), man with police officer and judge (right to a fair trial), hands in the air (power of the people), man sitting in jail cell (protect from unjust, cruel punishment), bill of rights word art sign, bill of rights scroll, boy and girl celebrating freedom, jury.
40 images (20 in color and 20 in B&W)

1787 sign, word art sign, authors at the convention, discussing, flag, executive branch (White House), Judicial branch (Supreme Court), legislative branch (Capitol), James Madison, writers signing the document, signpost (with 3 branches), document, writing
26 images (13 in color and the same 14 in B&W)

1776 sign, British flag, British soldier, cannon, declaration sign, scroll and ink, man delivering leaflets on horse, bald eagle, England map, fireworks, George III, ink and quill, Jefferson, Liberty bell, map of US with 13 colonies, blank old paper, men working on document.
35 images (18 in color and 17 in B&W)

Founding fathers sign, Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Hancock, John Jay, George Washington.
18 images (9 in color and the same 9 in B&W)

Christopher Columbus, flag on pole, Francis Bellamy, Francis Bellamy writing the pledge, patriotic boy, people with hand on heart: girl, boy, soldier, girl & boy scout, justice sign, Liberty sign, Pledge of Allegiance word sign, United States word sign.
28 images (14 in color and the same 14 in B&W)

builder, Edouard Labouye (idea for statue), Frederic Auguste Bartholdi (designer of statue), French and US flags, crown, hand, head, Liberty island, pedestal, ship, word art sign, statue of liberty, tablet, torch.
28 images (14 in color and the same 14 in B&W)

current justices: Anthony kennedy, Clarence Thoams, Elena Kagan, John Roberts, Neil Gorsuch, Ruth Ginsberg, Samuel Alito, Sonia Sotomayor, Stepehen Breyer, gavel, lady Justice, Justices bench, Supreme Court building, word art signs.
20 images (15 in color and the same 15 in B&W)

Capitol building, word art, female politician at work, female politician speaking, female president signing bill, male politician at work, male politician speaking, male president signing bill, podium, politicians shaking hands, senate hearing, speakers desk.
30 images (15 in color and the same 15 in B&W)

TOTAL OF 272 images

These sets are all available to purchase individually.

Images saved at 300dpi in PNG files.
For personal or commercial use.

This is a zip file. Before purchasing, please check that you are able to open zip files and ensure that your zip opening software is updated.
Please ensure that you scroll all the way to the bottom of the folder to retrieve all available files.

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