Having trouble accessing your account?

Since updating our site, some accounts may have been affected, causing them to be inaccessible. Please know that your account is still there and that all of your purchases are safe! We can solve this issue quickly and easily for you so please reach out at educlipsdesign@gmail.com if you cannot access your account. Thanks for your patience.

The images downloaded but I can’t open them. What can I do?

Sometimes, your computer settings can prevent you from opening zip files and you should ensure that you have some knowledge about opening and using PNG file images before you purchase any images. It is a good idea to try downloading some of the many free images available before you buy, to check you are able to download them properly.
You can try downloading the files again through a different browser. This can make a difference. You will also need to check your unzipping software if you’re using a PC and make sure it is updated. You won’t be able to open the files without it. If you are still having problems, then we may be able to assist you, although we can not guarantee we will be able to solve all of your technical issues unless it is a problem on our end. Please contact us via the ‘Contact’ tab in the menu at the top of the home page. We may be able to send you the files via email. Don’t forget to include your email address so we can get back to you.

I bought some clip art and it isn’t what I expected. Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of these products, once a set is bought and downloaded, it cannot be returned. Please read the Terms Of use, which is located at the top of the Home Page. Please also ensure that you look carefully at what you are buying and read the details underneath each product before you make a purchase. The product cover shows you what you are getting and how many images are included. Your satisfaction means a lot to us and will be happy to work with you, if you are unsatisfied.

How do I print the images?

You need to either drag or copy and paste the images onto a program such as Powerpoint or Word. From there you will be able to manipulate the size and position of the images to your liking. Then you can print them.

What is a .PNG file?

A .PNG file is an image with a transparent background.

Can I use these images in products I will sell?

Yes. The terms of use, which are included in the download and are available to read from the menu at the top of the Home page, will tell you everything you need to know about using the images in commercial products.

Can I sell the images as they are?

No. You are paying to use the images and may not claim them as your own. Educlips retains the copyright to all images and you may not sell them in ‘as is’ format.

Can I sell mass quantities of products using Educlips images.

Yes. If you sell over 1000 items, you need to request a Mass Production License from Educlips. You can do so by filling out the request form at the top of the page.

Can you do custom work for me?

A custom service is not currently available.